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Activities around Amboise

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Kids attractions

jeudi 20 février 2014, par Tifany

If you plan to stay in Amboise for several days with kids there are good chances you will need a break from the castles and the “old stones” from time to time. Here are some options specially designed for the youngest ones :

Beauval Zoo :

Panda at Beauval Zoo {JPEG}

45 minutes’ drive away from Amboise, Beauval Zoopark ranks among the 15 greatest Zoo in the world. Dedicated to the protection of the endangered species, it counts more than 5700 animals : koalas, kangaroos, tigers, white lions... and, of course, the famous giant panda from China.
For more information : Beauval Zoo

Mini Chateaux Park :

Mini Chateaux Park with family {JPEG}

You probably won’t have enough time to tour all the castles of the Loire valley, so head up to the mini castles park. In a couple of hours and a few steps you will be able to visit 44 models of them. The kids will enjoy the 1.5 km walk through the 5 acres of the outstanding park.
For more information : Mini Chateaux Park

Touraine Aquarium :

Touraine Aquarium with kids {JPEG}

Take the big plunge and discover the Touraine Aquarim with its 10 themed exhibition rooms with original and impresive scenery. Your youngest ones will be able to discover different freshwater and ocean fishes.
For more information : Aquarium