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Loire Châteaux

jeudi 20 février 2014, par Tifany

The Loire Valley is an enchanted land of vineyards, flowers and rolling green hills dotted with more than a thousand chateaux. It is perhaps the charm of its gentle pace life that has, for centuries, made it a sought-after location for poets and writers. Touring the Loire Valley is like taking a step back through the history of some of France’s finest works of art...

Château of Amboise :

Chateau of Amboise {JPEG}The magnificent Château d’Amboise overlooks the tranquil Loire River, providing one of the finest panoramic view of the Loire Valley. Built in the 15th and 16th centuries, during the reigns of King Charles VIII and François I, this truly royal castle introduced Italian style and taste into the Loire Valley.

Château of Clos Lucé :

Clos Lucé {JPEG}The Château du Clos Lucé, located 500 metres from the Château of Amboise, was built in the mid 15th century during The Renaissance. Last residence of Leonardo Da Vinci, Le Clos Lucé contains an unusual display giving some idea of the many facets of the man genius. Visiting the chateau and the park will take you into the world of the Renaissance genius.

Château of Chenonceau :

Chateau of Chenonceau {JPEG}The Château de Chenonceau, "the Ladies’ castle", is one of the most visited castles in France and is considered by many as the loveliest. It was built in 1513 by Katherine Briçonnet, then made even more attractive by Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Médicis, and saved from the rigours of the French Revolution by Mrs Dupin. The Château includes a stunning bridge that stretches 60m across the Cher River.

Château of Chaumont :

Chateau of Chaumont-sur-Loire {JPEG}Nested at the bottom of a populated park of immense cedars trees, the Château de Chaumont dominates the peaceful course of the Loire since a relatively high headland. Built essentially of 1469 to 1566, this harmonious and refined construction constitutes a significant link of transition between the medieval fortress and the palate rebirth.

Château of Villandry :

Chateau of Villandry {JPEG}The classical Château de Villandry was the last of the great Renaissance chateaux to be built on the banks of the Loire, and its architecture combines with gardens laid out on three levels, its best-known feature, in a happy marriage of beauty, diversity, and harmony. The Château and and its different gardens, further reinforces the Loire Valley as the Garden of France.

Château of Azay-le-Rideau :

Chateau of Azay-le-Rideau {JPEG}Built on the foundations of a medieval fortress in the heart of Touraine, the Château d’Azay-le-Rideau is a very graceful Renaissance Château, with richly decorated façades mirroring in the peaceful water of its lake. Standing in the centre of a romantic park, this masterpiece of 16th-century architecture has preserved all the refinement, elegance and grace of an exceptional Renaissance château.

Chateau of Ussé :

Chateau of Ussé {JPEG}The Château d’Ussé, with its striking turret roofline, was built on the foundations of a medieval castle, and over the decades was transformed from a fortress into a royal chateau. Also called the original “Sleeping Beauty Castle”, the legend says that it inspired Charles Perrault to write the famous 17th-century tale.

Château of Chambord :

Chateau of Chambord {JPEG}With selected disproportion, the Château de Chambord is the largest of all the Loire Valley castles and a magnificent Renaissance edifice. It was built by François I and is surrounded by a huge park and hunting reserve of the same name. The main feature here is the dual-spiral staircase, designed, most probably, by Leonardo da Vinci.

Château of Cheverny :

Chateau of Cheverny {JPEG}Built in the first part of the 17th Century, the Château de Cheverny is a prime example of the purest Louis XIII classical style, distinguished by an extraordinarily symmetrical architecture. The Château de Cheverny is the most magnificently-furnished of all the Loire Valley castles. There is also a permanent exhibit dedicated to Tintin, "The Secrets of Moulinsart", as Moulinsard was inspired by Cheverny.

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